This is a pretty hot topic, why is an unplugged ceremony important, and how should you approach this?

I'll come out and admit, I have had several shots of the bride coming down the aisle ruined...and there isn't a thing I can do about it.  Even with two cameras up front, that shot sometimes is still missed and its a high value shot. 

When the bride is coming down the aisle everyone seems to jump in the middle of the aisle with their phones and cameras when this happens I've now missed a high value shot.  What a lot of people don't realize is every time "the wedding videographer" has to hit record we must move our tripods, re focus, re expose and adjust F-stop...which can take about 10-20 seconds once we do all of that the bride shot is missed.  Thanks aunt Kathy for giving the bride a busted wedding video.

Unplugged Ceremony - two ways to achieve this.  Unplugged means - cut the nonsense and stop getting in paid vendors way.  keep your phones off and enjoy the time spent.  

Brides can either have a sign up saying keep phones off, or have the officiant before the wedding ceremony tell the guests this.  I can't even count how many times I've missed this shot.  Now, this even happens during the reception.  I miss cake shots ALL THE TIME, during the first dance a lot of family will circle the couple and take facebook live videos, or pictures with their phones...which ruin the light, ruin the moment and that valuable content is lost.

We update new phones about every year or every other year, how many times do you really back up all your photos, or print them out from your phone?  ZERO.  Unplug your wedding so your photographer and videographer can really deliver that grade A product which you fell in love with, an unplugged ceremony will always let this happen!