Wedding Trailer (Destination)

Nashville, TN

I had the privilege of filming a wedding in Nashville TN this past weekend and I was so excited to come home and piece this together. I arrived a day early and knocked out all my drone footage in advance. This is beneficial because I don’t have to worry about squeezing in drone footage on the wedding day. This took place at Noelle. I loved this unique space because of its historic 1930 Art Deco space. I love being in new wedding venues where I am challenged to find different spots and locations. I wanted to make sure slipping on the dress took place near the lobby on the ground floor vs the traditional bridal suite. I tell my couples even thought bridal suites are nice they usually aren’t the best spots for makeup touchups or putting on the wedding dress. Our lenses see things differently vs what our eyes see. So I like to push the envelope a bit in order to get a richer sophisticated look vs the white wall and sunlight. I feel that our brides look so much prettier and healthier in better lighting conditions. All of makeup, dress shots were hand selected for a reason.

*Some of my work can be seen on the following publications.

Emotional grooms make fantastic video!

Short Film

Hotel Zamora, St Pete. FL

This wedding was great because it was a referral from my favorite wedding photographer in Tampa - Rising Lotus Photography. I had Samantha write up her vows after makeup and hair (this is because I wanted her to look fully polished on video and for pictures). The rooftop wedding was gorgeous and later on when we added light it really made the scenery pop. I loved the unique look that a rooftop wedding offers, this was a first for me and I am excited to be back in the future.

Short Film

Powel Crosley Estate, Sarasota FL

So funny story, Victoria is actually from Dayton, and came down to Sarasota for her wedding. Obviously being a Cincinnati native we had a ton in common. Powel Crosley was an epic venue to shoot at, Their is an airport across the street so I was able to drone due to the laws - although I will find a way around next time! If you’re considering getting married here I strongly recommend it. Loads of space for bridal prep filmed properly and it’s right on the water behind us, which makes for beautiful sunset pictures.

Feature Film

Private Estate. Lakeland FL

Ashley and Matt - I loved these two, and still keep in contact with them to this day. I’ll never forget when I first met them, and Matt said my wedding videos weren’t lame, and that they were about to give up on finding a wedding videographer because everything they had watched they turned off within the first few seconds. We had some laughs and they booked right after the meeting. I really wish more couples had a value for great wedding videos because if you hire somebody that just wants a paycheck you’ll never see great works. I knew this wedding would be in my top 3 favorites because they cared about their investment, I worked with a photographer who had class (The Ganeys) it was also an Estate Wedding - I also had Ever After Vintage Weddings fueling the day. This wedding will always be one of my favorites.

I give my couples the option to select from 3 different collections. Every wedding is unique and custom to each couple. If you aren’t too sure which option is best for your wedding, I would be more than happy to help you decide.

the wedding highlight 

This is a great option for brides looking for a 5-8 minute recap of their wedding..  This includes all day coverage and all the important aspects of the wedding day.  A perfect option for unique weddings with smaller bridal parties.

the short film 

8-12 minutes of your wedding day summed up in a beautiful hand crafted film.  This includes a little bit more of the wedding speeches and more words spoken during your ceremony.  A great option for weddings with personal vows, first looks and wedding speeches.

the feature film 

12+ minutes of the day summed up, loaded with eye candy and "sexy shots" -What I am known for, nobody creates a better fine polished film with dramatic lighting and "all the feels". Features are juiced with more speeches and more of your ceremony - everything you could imagine and then a tad bit more.


All weddings include

All day coverage + free timelines + drone coverage + unique discounts.

I really enjoy the following types of weddings.

I LOVE Private Estates, Boutique Hotels, Country Clubs, Parks, Unique Wedding Spaces, Historical Properties and Newly Renovated Properties.

I love open environments where my couples can interact and be themselves.

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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little bit!

I always strive to be the industry leader in my field, I offer workshops and mentoring sessions for the up and comers. I think audio and beautiful light are the most important aspects when creating a wedding film. I love working with my couples in order to really give them their vision. I have the most nationally published weddings when it comes to wedding films, and I always try to get my couples weddings national exposure if they’d wish.

I offer a variety of products, if you’re wanting a 5 minute wedding highlight to show all over social media you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a powerhouse film with loads of emotions and “how did he get that shot” you’ve also come to the right place. I work alone, which your photographers will love; I would love to get to meet the two of you over some pizza and talk about what’s important in your wedding film.

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