I've been able to successfully establish relationships with wedding vendors in the Cincinnati area, and Tampa Bay area.  While I always refer individuals with the same mindset and world class product approach. I've always had the opportunity to make individual promos with some.  I think as a wedding community it's nice to stick together with those who have the same work ethic and extreme dedication to their clients and their craft.

I can't say enough good things about Taylor over at Flawless Hair and Makeup LLC (cincinnati).  What a lot of people don't realize is having a solid makeup artist will keep the timeline on point, and give your video tons and tons of eye candy and "wow" shots.  There is nothing worse than brides being setup in awful light for video... not everyone has the trained eye to make sure their brides will look flawless on camera..and this company understands that.  Check out their video below and you'll see what I mean!  I'd also like to thank The Madison Event Center in Covington for letting us use their room and Fabulous Bridal for letting us play with some of the dresses! To learn more about Flawless Hair and Makeup LLC.  Check out their website.   

Flawless Makeup & Hair

* Photo from Brittany Bays Photography

I love working with wedding planners who truly understand all aspects of the wedding day. When couples don’t hire planners, pretty much all vendors have to carry a little extra weight on their shoulders as far as the day unfolds and who has responsibilities and who is doing what etc. So I wanted to link up with Amazingly Creative Events because I know what Yjean brings to the table. I’ve worked with many great wedding planners in Tampa and I wanted to create something with her. This is just a snippet - I have big plans for Amazingly Creative Events in the future. Check out their website here. Amazingly Creative Events

Rising Lotus Photography by Marilyn. I work a lot with Rising Lotus Photography when I am in the Tampa area. We both do a lot of private estate weddings and combined have the most wedding features in Florida. If you’re a fan of positive energy and constant laughter and shopping in the Tampabay area, check out Rising Lotus Photography below!


Check out Tampa Bays newest and best makeup & hair Company. I Love working with these two for many reasons. They totally understand a timeline and understand that for best video and photos we need our brides to be in our preferred light. I have been a huge voice in the industry for the last 10 years trying to fix this issue we face, and working weddings and styled shoots with this group it’s a given our brides are going to look pristine through our lenses. I just can’t say enough about these two and their work ethic and vision. A huge asset to your photographer and videographer. I can’t wait to see this company grow and their future. Check our their website here. L.A. Style Bar

L.A. Style Bar

BLUSH BRIDAL - Reading Bridal District’s newest shop. Something Romantic. Something Unique. With exclusive designers straight from the runway. Something designed for the sophisticated bride who wants a couture shopping experience in a comfortable boutique. This was such a unique experience for me, being on the other side of the wedding scene I don’t see any of this sort of thing. Several rooms filled with a million dresses, different looks and themes for brides to pick from. Enjoy this snippet from Blush Bridal.

Blush Bridal