Should I get a wedding highlight, or a wedding film?

When brides first reach out to a lot of video companies they need to understand the differences between these two options.  If you're a bride and you're looking for a tampa bay wedding videographer, OR a wedding videographer elsewhere, let me save you the time and headache and cover these two products for you.  So... you can make the right choice as what's best for YOU.

Highlights - will vary from company to company, but typically around 5-7 minutes.  Now if your wedding is very traditional and more low key this is the best option for you.  Let me explain.  Even if videographers film all day sometimes when we get back to edit we have very little material to work with.  A highlight will need minimal content.

So how much material will you need to make a great film?  

In order for a great film, here are some things that can be done. Brides and Grooms that write each other letters beforehand, exchanging gifts, first looks, personal vows, wedding toasts during the reception.  All of those will add a lot of value and personalize your wedding.   you can get by with just having a maid of honor or best man give a speech during the reception.  I have personally created wedding films from a very traditional small basic ceremony.  Films can vary in length, but typically 8+ minutes on up.

Talk to your wedding videographer and let them know the type of ceremony, how many guests are coming,  The more our brides can feed us, the longer and better the product will be.  You can't have a BBQ with 30 family members and only serve 10 hamburgers... In order to make a beautiful film videographers need a lot of content, if you know there isn't a lot of content to be filmed, you're an ideal bride for a wedding highlight!

Keep them questions coming, I've got a ton more to answer next week!