How far out should we book our wedding videographer?

This is a great question that I received about an hour ago from a subscriber.  Jessica in St Pete asked the following:

Hey there!  I am newly engaged and I have been browsing different videographers for my wedding.  There are a lot of different styles, options and reviews on everyone.  How soon do videographers typically book?  

I'll answer this directly, and I'll share the post with you!

Basically there are two types of brides.  

Bride 1.  Understands the value of a great wedding video, she shops around reads reviews and pays attention the details, artistic vision, sound and if a strangers video can deliver certain emotions.  These types of brides can book anywhere from a year or two years out.  If a bride really values videography high then they are usually the first ones to book.

Bride 2.  Decides she wants a wedding video last minute when there is just enough room in the budget, these brides typically have higher priorities (which is totally OK as everyone will value the wedding day and vendors differently).  If a bride writes and says something like "we really didn't want a video and we have a few hundred dollars left over, what can you do for us?" I know this isn't my ideal bride and will send her off to someone else... it's all about finding the right fit.

You will want to book your wedding videographer asap.  A lot of times brides will "ghost" vendors searching for an unheard of deal, meanwhile bride 1 will reach out, meet and sign a contract...leaving the original ghosted bride upset that someone took her date.  So... booking depends on every bride, if you're just looking for the best prices you can hold out as long as you want because someone out there will take bottom dollar, if you are wanting peace of mind on your wedding day then I suggest you narrow the field down as quickly as possible because some weeks we can be talking to 5-10 brides - and some of those just vanish, only to write back a month later looking to sign.  Sorry :)  We are a first come, first serve basis.

I hope I was able to answer that for you!!