Let's talk about how important a DJ is.

When brides ask me about a DJ I always tell them this should be one of your top priorities.  There are several reasons a great DJ is a must.

First of all about 40% of your entire day will revolve around a DJ.  Too many times they hire a dj based on price because they have told me, "well they just play music and we don't want to spend a lot of money on that." (I get that, but brides need to realize the roles DJs play at weddings).

I think I've dealt with every bad situation reception time and luckily I can work around these things as they happen...because they happen often.  Imagine your timeline isn't followed correctly and now key moments are gone forever.  A wedding toast is set to happen at 7pm, well your Dj has told the maid of honor to just go ahead and start speaking so he can get the party started early.  While your photographer and videographer are eating in the back, or setting up lights to set the mood or working with a room coordinator to find a dimmer switch...now your toast begin...all that content is gone. (why we are eating in the back a mile away will be another topic in the future).

Imagine during your first dance, the DJ decides to get on the dance floor with their Iphone and do a facebook live video, all of your pictures and video will showcase this, or how about green and red lasers during a first dance - every bride looks flawless with green dots all over their face.  My favorite is when a DJ will tell us how to take a photo or video because they've been doing this since the 80s and have the experience.  It can be a disaster. a mood killer and severe annoyance.

What brides need to realize is specifically for video audio is #1 thing that we need.  So please make sure when you decide booking a DJ they have current gear.  I had filmed a wedding recently with beautiful soft light around the maid of honor and best man, and when we were about to start the DJ had a wired cord - so all that effort was a waste, now photo's and video show the father of the bride speaking behind a DJ booth, on top of that I didn't have an output for any sound and the father of the bride decided to take his lapel mic off his collar because he didn't care to have it on video (yikes).  All that content is gone forever.  So to any bride that reads this, please invest money in a great DJ.  While you may think It's too much money to spend for someone who plays music, a great DJ will provide your photographer and videographer great content by letting us all know when things are happening, if something is happening that's a surprise etc. To all the great DJs out there, thank you for always going above and beyond to make sure all vendors can get those masterpieces.