What's all these different videography styles?

Wedding Videography vs Wedding Cinematography. 

I get this question a lot, brides will ask I want a wedding videographer, but why do some of themselves as wedding cinematographer?  What is the difference?  What is the pricing structure of a videographer or a cinematographer?  What's going on here?  There is a lot to take in, I'll save you some time and answer a few of these questions, I am sure you have a lot of Gilmore Girls to get caught up on...so let's dive in.

Wedding videography can be broken down into two styles.  Documentary wedding videos and cinematic wedding videos.  Ill address both in depth.

Documentary is  geared towards brides who want a more laid back "fly on the wall approach"  This is typically a team between 2-5 people...so keep this in mind.  You'll have a videographer with the bride another with the groom, most likely a floater, an assistant and someone running sound. Typically, documentary style is very unobtrusive, they try their best to blend in, they don't really say much or have much input on the wedding day.  They are simply there just to film everything from start to finish.  The finished product varies from company to company, usually documentary edits are at least 2 hours.  This edited from start to finish.  There isn't much editing involved, just cleaned up and pieced together start to finish. A lot of brides will hire documentary style videographers because they are getting a lot more material; however, a lot of material isn't always the best.  If you're looking at photographers are you wanting a yearbook of images?  Or a well crafted album with every photo is a work of art?  There's pros and cons to both styles.  

Cinematic weddings are usually 1-3 videographers or cinematographers.  The primary goal for a cinematic wedding video is the entire day condensed into a short form story format.  Content is king for those shooting more cinematic.  These types of videographers have some control on the day, the timeline and the setups.  If you're not looking great in flattering light they typically will speak up and request a move.  Think about your favorite Hollywood actress, when shes on camera shes in beautiful light, her makeup is on point and all eyes are on her.  Some brides crave this style, others just want the videographer to simply blend in.  A cinematic video is set to a few pieces of music and your vows, letters, first looks, officiant and wedding toasts are sprinkled around in a story format.  What brides don't understand is while the cinematic videographer can have 8-12 hours of material they can only get about 10-15 minutes of actual usable stuff.  The editing process is much more in depth, color grading, composition manipulation and audio enhancing since films are fueled by sound and light.

So for brides questioning what kind of video you want, do you want a longer version from start to finish? With a basic clean up of editng?  Or a shorter more engaging polished film?

Videographers document from start to finish, and cinematographers make your weddings have more of a movie feel.

I'll try to answer questions more often.  Thanks for stopping by!