Your Ceremony

I have a lot of other questions that I get asked pretty regularly, but on the way home tonight I wanted to write this up right away to save our brides headaches on lost content, busted photo's and films that are just plain boring.  What I want my brides to take away from this is that your ceremony will also make or break what you receive from us.  I love beached themed weddings, outside protestant type weddings Indian weddings or a simple asian tea ceremony.  Todays wedding was a catholic wedding, this may rub some of you the wrong way (and that's okay) but brides need to really know the truth about holding their wedding at these beautiful churches with a lot of history.

1.  Rules - Most of us are bothered about rules, some are bizarre, some are silly and some just don't make any sense.  There are only about 5 shots that we need to really give you "the feels" and usually at catholic weddings we are very limited, or we can't get them.

2. No flash - this will kill your photographer, now most can adapt with fast lenses and some technical terms like ISO and shutter...but keep in mind sometimes it's not possible with the amount of light during there ceremony spots.  Do you want to risk a very grainy nasty photo?  Do you wan't your video to be ultra dark (oh look how beautiful my dress was, oh look at my fiance crying as I came down the aisle).  These are very real problems we face...I get it, this was your church growing up, mom and dad got married here...but please don't have the expectation of a Pinterest board and have high hopes this is what you'll be receiving.  These churches make it very difficult, and sometimes we can't win.

3. You must stay in the back at all times, You are not allowed to be up front ever, you must be on the corner at all time....this is brutal.  Now the person telling us this is usually extremely rude, they make very snarky comments.  We have a very limited time to get details before the guest arrive, they will talk our heads off, demand we take a tour of the church...and believe it or not they will leave all of the lights off (even during the parents walking down the aisle).  I'll be 100% honest, catholic weddings are rough on videographers and photographers, as soon as we walk in we are scolded and immediately put down (a total morale killer) and the last thing you want is your photographers to be upset...told to stay in the back and no flash - we are all there to deliver a beautiful keepsake - so brides please be aware!

4. Sound - Now everyone knows (or will learn now) that sound is #1 your videographer needs.  Guess what :) 75% of priests will decline a small lapel - they will decline you hooking up to their sound board - they will sometimes even take your audio recorder off the podium...I've had priests debate me about the groom not wearing a microphone because it takes away from the moment?  Why would you hire a videographer if you can't even hear what's going on?  Another big thing is some priest will tell me they've been officiating weddings for 40+ years and never have worn a microphone from a videographer in their shocker, do some people just hire companies just because they have some award next to their name?  If your priest doesn't wear a mic because, "I talk loud enough" your wedding ceremony is ruined.  Imagine recording a song off your car radio with your iphone - you'll have something but lets be honest that iPhone recording sounds nothing like a CD...right?  I just don't get it.

5. Lastly... a lot of "these" churches will tell us we must stay behind the farthest if your high school friend sits a mile away then so do your vendors.

key shots that are in jeopardy - bride walking down aisle, grooms reaction, vows, ring exchange and anything the priest might speak about... so when you're planning your wedding think about the rules and what the outcome may end up if you book in these types of environments...last but not least my all time favorite moment during a catholic wedding in Cincinnati.

I had a ceremony stopped because I was up front on the opposite side of the photographer - we had the exact same camera, the exact same lens... yet "videographer" is almost a bad word in the wedding industry.  "We need to take a pause during this moment because we have a videographer that can't follow directions" I just laughed it off - I had 3 cameras in the balcony, total overkill...but "rules are rules" After that happened I went and sat in my car the remainder of the time....since I had 3 camera's basically filming the same thing.  If you wan't a certain look or feel your wedding vendors can only do so much.  I could speak years on this topic, I know this was a bit winded...but from a passionate person who wants to only give you the best, keep the above in mind.  

Tons and tons of more content coming your way soon.