First Looks

I think it's a good time to talk about first looks.  A lot of my couples ask, what are the benefits of having them and what are the I'll touch up a bit on this subject.  

First of all, there are no drawbacks.  First looks are nothing but benefits across the board.  In my opinion from a vendor stand point, the bubble of time that is opened up from a first look will ensure a better timeline and way more photo's and video will be taken, it's guaranteed.  

Now we don't have to worry about hiding the bride, or hiding the dress - all of these things will cause delay from the get go.  If your groom is on site while you're getting ready, now we are limited to dress creativity.  If you want to have a fun photo of your girls in robes outside, now you can't...unless someone goes and tells the groom to go hide.  

The emotion that happens from a first look is way more beneficial than him seeing you down the aisle.  With a first look its a good 3-5 minutes of just you two.  I've seen grooms breakdown so hard (and they still breakdown hard when you're coming down the aisle).  First looks provide beautiful words spoken that we can now capture and true emotion.  I always push first looks, I've yet to meet a bride who regretted doing I said before it will give us so much time and so many more things to work with when it comes to creating your film or your albums.