How much do you charge?

This depends on a lot of different factors.  When is the date, Where is the location?  Is traveling involved?  What type of wedding is this?  How many guests are you having, and most importantly, am I the right fit?  I will never take on a wedding if I think the couple would be better suited for another company, as we all have different styles.  I would love for you to fill out the contact form and tell me a little bit about your wedding...Also sign up for my  newsletter for an additional discount.

All weddings will be filmed in 4k quality + tailored for every couple. All weddings will be color graded/audio enhancement/blogged and put on social media (password protected if you'd like).  All weddings are planned with attention to detail with unmatched quality.  I communicate with my couples through the entire process.  So the expectations are met and the stress is gone.   


The Wedding Film

I create weddings films, for couples looking for a really beautiful crafted piece of art.  I need a lot of material to work with.  I am known for wedding films since they are unique to each couple.


Wedding Highlights

This is a great option for brides looking for something around 5-8 minutes.  This is a great length for those looking to share all over social media but also have something with a lot of substance.


Wedding Trailers

Usually 45 seconds to a minute, a very short tease which comes with both the film or highlight option.