I'm back in Cincinnati for several weddings, It's bittersweet to be honest.  It would be less bitter if most weddings weren't in catholic churches.  Wedding photographers and videographers have such a hard time working in these places.  Rules and more rules followed by more rules and a "little mean church lady"  I really think if brides knew the things that were said to us, how we were treated they wouldn't ever get married's such a shame to...these churches are super old and packed with history, the long aisles give us plenty of content when brides walk down the aisle, tons of groom reaction time, and sadly this is always like pulling teeth to get because of all the restrictions.  One day I'll write a book and enlighten everyone the struggle, and the pain....and when I get this published we can all look back on this post; hopefully, we will also be eating tons of reese cups and ice cream while reading said book.  Lots of weddings coming up here in cincinnati, thanks to all the vendors who still refer me and haven't turned their back on the cincy kid :)