Why do you blog about non wedding stuff?

I had this question from a vendor friend here in Florida a few days ago, and I thought I'd answer this on a blog post.

I feel like we as vendors get to know our couples in and out, and I have never been the one to be the "hired help" come wedding day.  I think a big part of the client/vendor relationship is knowing them outside the wedding industry.  This has made the planning process and day of a lot of fun.  So I decided to make a blog outside of weddings, and when the wedding day starts I am more of a friend than someone with a cool camera.  Brides already know my guilty pleasures are junk food, "pop" even though down here in the Tampa area, this is called "soda"...but we all know its pop lol.

I want brides to know who I am, and the fact I love weddings because I love being able to make my couples look and feel great on camera.  A lot of times weddings can be serious and sometimes I feel brides are out of place... so a simple "whisper something creepy in her ear" during photo's sparks an authentic moment with my couples and those tiny moments are when our work really stands out.  We all know the normal poses that all couples go through and sometimes the unique bond and looks they give each other are missed, the more we know each other and understand each other and most importantly have fun - the better the product and couple are.  

To all the brides who have brought me Reese cups, pizza coupons, ice cream coupons and little hand written notes - thank you!  I am glad you have gotten to know me, as I have you...same to the vendors I work with, at the end of the day I am a bloated mess...but it's sooooo worth it!  So, don't be afraid to let your couples know who you really are!