“I used to login at work, stalk your weddings and laugh at your blogs. I really hope you bring those back again they were hilarious. You really need your own reality show.” - Whitney (previous bride).


With that being said, the blog is back! Just to let all the future couples know…this tab only serves the purpose of my crazy life and (bizarro) situations. So let me re introduce myself for my current and future brides.

I’ve asked my last few couples if they would describe me in a few sentences, because the responses are hilarious. I am usually told, the dorky little or older brother, the childhood friend down the street, or the kid in elementary sitting on the wall during recess.

I believe the more you know someone, the more comfortable you feel around them, and this is key for wedding vendors. My couples typically have a general idea of who Brett Hatfield is, he’s that fun dorky guy who makes these romantic masterpiece Hollywood type wedding films…and he’s addicted to junk food.

I was so upset the great clips girl chopped my hair off as I needed a longer GQ look, I can hear my salon friends “that’s what you get for going there Brett” Oh well. That’s just a little bit about me. I’ve been traveling for weddings the last few months and I haven’t had a chance to really update this page and start it again. I’ve got some big plans for the industry…I hope you can stick around and be part of the fun.

On a side note - I believe pizza taste much better with the pepperoni under the cheese. Change my mind.


Photography by my great friend Brittany Bays & on location in her kitchen :)