Cincinnati Wedding Video

I've been back in action up here in my hometown (currently shooting all 4k for my brides). I have grown a lot of love over to the Sony family because their gear is made for videographers.  No hate towards Canon, but you guys are like 10 years behind (unless I want to fork out like 20k)

Yesterdays wedding was incredible, the bride had me create her timeline and it was the smoothest day ever, it also helped that all the vendors who participated also just understood the day.  I love shooting at Cooper Creek in blue ash.  The ballroom is huge, there are outlets overwhere and they are okay with changing the lights to set certain moods...some venues get really upset if you start requesting certain things (until the bride shows up and makes it happen).  i really wish people would trust me...but Cooper Creek was awesome.  I will always fly up here for that venue because they get stuff done and let things happen.

That's all that I have for now, I'm off to the gym to burn off these reese cups... I just cant control myself around chocolate - luckily, my diet pop works because the 0 calories.  I wish I could use the emoji with heart eyes, that's been my favorite of late!