sleeping in and taking a lot of preworkout

So I woke up today, really late.  Sometimes I sleep in until 3pm (big toddler) My mother would probably yell at me just like she did when I was in school.  I remember thinking the school days wouldn't ever come to an end... I personally hated school...not afraid to admit that, did you like school?  If so, what was your favorite subject?

Anyways I always tell myself not to take preworkout when I go to the gym, with a sugar free monster (no carbs) yet for some reason I always do.  Then I am awake until 8AM - which is why I sleep until 2.  The cycle doesn't end.  If you are active in the gym I suggest the white monster can, ultra I I said there are 0 carbs, plus the flavor is pretty neutral so you can add whatever to it, which is a double win.  If you follow me on IG, then you know I love no carb "pops" aka diet coke.

So I am currently working on my latest highlight film from a few weeks ago.  It's got a little different feel to it, at first I was going to scrap it, but it really grew on me a lot.  Now I am really looking forward to having it live.  There is nothing better than getting enjoyment out of making a wedding video.  I think one of the biggest challenges is finding the right music, videographers can spend hours or days on selecting music, the struggle is very real.  The struggle isn't as real when I see Reese Cups on sale at the gas station and i tell myself.... just say no, like it's an illegal drug; however, I just cant...then on top of that they are BOGO (usually) I cant just get 1 because I get another, and I can't just have two because I can get 2 more for the price of one...I need therapy.  What's your favorite candy?  If you dislike Reese Cups, I don't think I can film your wedding :)  if you happen to have a peanut butter/chocolate type cake, I might film your wedding with a sick discount...who knows...promise to send me home with a carry out bag? to color grade the latest work....I should have something pretty epic this time tomorrow..maybe sooner depends on the internet, don't get me started on Spectrum. #annoyedbyslowspeeds