Bretts Blog (aka my personal life).

This will serve as the "this has nothing to do with weddings" section on my website.  It's currently 4:39AM and I'm sitting here color grading a wedding trailer from Georgia last week and my mouth has started to water/tingle.  I'm used to this feeling, it basically serves as two purposes.  I am tired. I am craving Reese Cups.  For those of you that don't know me, Reese Cups are my thing.  I can typically eat 12 of them (king size) in one's weird.  

I also have been on a crazy diet "pop, soda or coke" kick.  Whichever word you'd prefer, just stick to that one...however, it's pop (northern guy here).  

Is it crazy that I might run up to the gas station just to get candy and pop?  I'm clearly tired.... if you're still reading this, what's your favorite junk food??  I hate using that word, let's be real...chocolate isn't junk.