Easter, chocolate and gymlife

I've been pretty busy lately with weddings and such, that I haven't had a good time to openly blog about what goes on in my daily life, and the insane food that I eat.  I've been asked a lot lately, what did you do for easter?  I moved away from home a while ago...and I don't have many friends outside of weddings and everyones always curious "what do you do all day down there?"

Easter - I won't lie.  I woke up around 10AM (I didn't go to church, sorry mom)...and I was craving dairy queen.  I don't mean crave like, oh man...that sounds good...I mean, I'm just going to ignore showering and brushing my teeth...my jaw is aching for a reese cup blizzard so I went.  I love that when I order a blizzard I ask for 5 extra scoops of reeses and they have to tell me its like 79 cents per extra...and my bill is around $11.  The woman asked if I'd like a cup so I could save it for later... Are you crazy?!  I will sit here quietly and eat this little piece of heaven.  I did.  it was great.  I also ordered a cone with chocolate sprinkles.

I came home...took a nap, wokeup around 6pm, took another nap and wokeup around midnight.  I was wide awake and I watched all of season 1 of Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime...I also drove up to the gas station down the street and bought 2 packs of reese king size (bogo) I mean, who can say no to that?  Then I bought muscle milk bc 40g of protein in that little carton was a wise choice....I woke up around 4pm the next day and lifted weights... that's basically what I did the rest of the week....in case you didn't know, I have an illness for reese cups...if I were to give a virtual tour of my little house you would find tons of wrappers laying around, and my mom would text me and say "you must have a lot of bugs" lol.  It's not like they are the same wrappers from weeks ago... usually the wrappers are around 4 hours old.  if you read all of this... I hope I was able to provide some insight on my daily living struggle.

Candy is king, just like audio when it comes to a wedding film.