Back in Tampa area

After a crazy long drive, and massive oil leaks...I am back in Tampa.  I am ready to start doing wedding videos again, but I am going back to cincinnati in about 6 weeks, then weddings in tampa start picking up again.  I hear not a lot of people get married in these hot months, so I'll just kick back with longer gym sessions and more junk food.  I filmed a promo tonight a mini to show brides a bit about the passion I bring when it comes to filming weddings.  I plan on doing a bit more of them from time to time.

Headed back to Florida (soon)

After 4 weddings up here in Cincinnati, it's been pretty cool being back here, but I'm ready to jump back down to the big leagues.  Tampa Weddings are just different, the weather just makes life easier.  Drone shots in wedding videos over the beach look awesome, the water coming in  and the reflection from the sun works magic.  Cincinnati weddings are generally a lot more difficult with these silly rules at churches and some vendors just don't understand what's going on.  My wedding videos will all be shot in a higher quality than regular HD.  I decided to jump to Sony from Canon - 4k is too nice, plus my brides will have a better product!  I've enjoyed the Cincinnati food, and ice lovely love handles agree :)  Ill see you soon Tampa.


Cincinnati Wedding Video

I've been back in action up here in my hometown (currently shooting all 4k for my brides). I have grown a lot of love over to the Sony family because their gear is made for videographers.  No hate towards Canon, but you guys are like 10 years behind (unless I want to fork out like 20k)

Yesterdays wedding was incredible, the bride had me create her timeline and it was the smoothest day ever, it also helped that all the vendors who participated also just understood the day.  I love shooting at Cooper Creek in blue ash.  The ballroom is huge, there are outlets overwhere and they are okay with changing the lights to set certain moods...some venues get really upset if you start requesting certain things (until the bride shows up and makes it happen).  i really wish people would trust me...but Cooper Creek was awesome.  I will always fly up here for that venue because they get stuff done and let things happen.

That's all that I have for now, I'm off to the gym to burn off these reese cups... I just cant control myself around chocolate - luckily, my diet pop works because the 0 calories.  I wish I could use the emoji with heart eyes, that's been my favorite of late!

Back to Cincinnati

I'm back up north currently (kind of lame). I love Tampa and that entire area; however, Cincinnati does have the pizza and ice cream game perfectly.  I opted out to drive this time around, although I have a "cincinnati car" I have unlimited data on my phone and I rocked out to 90s #1 hits the entire the Natalie lady is the best 90s song.  I'm not going to attempt to spell that last name.  I will arrive back in Tampa in about 4 weeks or so.  I'll go ahead and link my latest trailer in this blog post.  I learned the new camera the night before and trusted I could film the wedding unphased... what do you think?  Hyatt Regency Clearwater Wedding.  4k quality.



tampa bay weddings

Wrapping up a strong April and May for weddings in the Tampa area.  Bitter sweet going to Cincinnati for the next 5 weeks, It'll be cool to have some good pizza again pizza down here isn't that great :(  I just woke up and don't have a whole lot of words really... i need my "protein" cookie and preworkout before I can function or maybe 2-3 bags of skittles.  

Side note, I am the only guy to order an XL blizzard and have them add 5x reese cups, they call it the brett special at DQ which made my week.

Possibly switching to all Sony since Canon has been stuck in 2012 for the last past 5 years.  #terrible

Easter, chocolate and gymlife

I've been pretty busy lately with weddings and such, that I haven't had a good time to openly blog about what goes on in my daily life, and the insane food that I eat.  I've been asked a lot lately, what did you do for easter?  I moved away from home a while ago...and I don't have many friends outside of weddings and everyones always curious "what do you do all day down there?"

Easter - I won't lie.  I woke up around 10AM (I didn't go to church, sorry mom)...and I was craving dairy queen.  I don't mean crave like, oh man...that sounds good...I mean, I'm just going to ignore showering and brushing my jaw is aching for a reese cup blizzard so I went.  I love that when I order a blizzard I ask for 5 extra scoops of reeses and they have to tell me its like 79 cents per extra...and my bill is around $11.  The woman asked if I'd like a cup so I could save it for later... Are you crazy?!  I will sit here quietly and eat this little piece of heaven.  I did.  it was great.  I also ordered a cone with chocolate sprinkles.

I came home...took a nap, wokeup around 6pm, took another nap and wokeup around midnight.  I was wide awake and I watched all of season 1 of Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime...I also drove up to the gas station down the street and bought 2 packs of reese king size (bogo) I mean, who can say no to that?  Then I bought muscle milk bc 40g of protein in that little carton was a wise choice....I woke up around 4pm the next day and lifted weights... that's basically what I did the rest of the case you didn't know, I have an illness for reese cups...if I were to give a virtual tour of my little house you would find tons of wrappers laying around, and my mom would text me and say "you must have a lot of bugs" lol.  It's not like they are the same wrappers from weeks ago... usually the wrappers are around 4 hours old.  if you read all of this... I hope I was able to provide some insight on my daily living struggle.

Candy is king, just like audio when it comes to a wedding film.

sleeping in and taking a lot of preworkout

So I woke up today, really late.  Sometimes I sleep in until 3pm (big toddler) My mother would probably yell at me just like she did when I was in school.  I remember thinking the school days wouldn't ever come to an end... I personally hated school...not afraid to admit that, did you like school?  If so, what was your favorite subject?

Anyways I always tell myself not to take preworkout when I go to the gym, with a sugar free monster (no carbs) yet for some reason I always do.  Then I am awake until 8AM - which is why I sleep until 2.  The cycle doesn't end.  If you are active in the gym I suggest the white monster can, ultra I I said there are 0 carbs, plus the flavor is pretty neutral so you can add whatever to it, which is a double win.  If you follow me on IG, then you know I love no carb "pops" aka diet coke.

So I am currently working on my latest highlight film from a few weeks ago.  It's got a little different feel to it, at first I was going to scrap it, but it really grew on me a lot.  Now I am really looking forward to having it live.  There is nothing better than getting enjoyment out of making a wedding video.  I think one of the biggest challenges is finding the right music, videographers can spend hours or days on selecting music, the struggle is very real.  The struggle isn't as real when I see Reese Cups on sale at the gas station and i tell myself.... just say no, like it's an illegal drug; however, I just cant...then on top of that they are BOGO (usually) I cant just get 1 because I get another, and I can't just have two because I can get 2 more for the price of one...I need therapy.  What's your favorite candy?  If you dislike Reese Cups, I don't think I can film your wedding :)  if you happen to have a peanut butter/chocolate type cake, I might film your wedding with a sick discount...who knows...promise to send me home with a carry out bag? to color grade the latest work....I should have something pretty epic this time tomorrow..maybe sooner depends on the internet, don't get me started on Spectrum. #annoyedbyslowspeeds

Bretts Blog (aka my personal life).

This will serve as the "this has nothing to do with weddings" section on my website.  It's currently 4:39AM and I'm sitting here color grading a wedding trailer from Georgia last week and my mouth has started to water/tingle.  I'm used to this feeling, it basically serves as two purposes.  I am tired. I am craving Reese Cups.  For those of you that don't know me, Reese Cups are my thing.  I can typically eat 12 of them (king size) in one's weird.  

I also have been on a crazy diet "pop, soda or coke" kick.  Whichever word you'd prefer, just stick to that one...however, it's pop (northern guy here).  

Is it crazy that I might run up to the gas station just to get candy and pop?  I'm clearly tired.... if you're still reading this, what's your favorite junk food??  I hate using that word, let's be real...chocolate isn't junk.