Thanks for stopping by.  Hatfield Productions specializes in luxury style weddings, destination weddings, and unique wedding spaces.  I am located in Tampa Florida, and serve the Orlando, St Pete and Clearwater area's.  I am passport ready :) and also available worldwide.

Pricing begins at $2700

What are our options when working with you?

All collections are shot in 4k.  I am a solo shooter and I am an all day rate.  All of my weddings are submitted for publications, and fully tailored for each couple.  I make sure my brides are flawless on camera, put in the best light and I take sound very seriously.  If  you're looking for a cookie cutter approach to video, I am probably not the right fit, but if you're looking for something with true heart, soul and passion, please reach out and lets work together.

the wedding trailer

All products receieve a wedding trailer.  Trailers are usually under 1 minute in length and are perfect for all social media outlets.  Wedding trailers are known to make our brides tear up a've been warned.

the wedding highlight

Wedding highlights range from 5-8 minutes.  Focusing on the couples story, plus key moments during wedding vows and speeches from the bridal party.  A great option for all types of weddings and lengths.

the wedding film

My wedding films range from 9-15 minutes in length.  Loaded with eye candy, and lots of glamorous shots.  Includes bulk of ceremony and most of the wedding speeches.  All films are tailored to each couple, and shot in 4k quality.  Perfect for couples with lots of content, first looks, letters, personal vows, all of these are great content to work with.


He also provided a ton of insight on lighting, setup, and things to include in my day to make my wedding and the video special and that’s what makes him stand out from other videographers.”
— Tessa

All products can be bought months after your wedding date, or bundled together for savings.  Photo's coming soon.




The USB drive is set to match the couples colors and wedding theme.  All products are  made with a high quality finish and touch.  The USB will have the trailer, and either the highlight or film option.  There are tons of themes and designs to chose from, from rustic, luxe, crystal etc

more examples









The external hard drive includes all raw files that were recorded on the wedding day.  A great product for brides and grooms who want everything.






Packing consists of smooth luscious matte paper as our custom slide boxes but in a slimmer, dvd friendly style.  DVDs/Blurays are becoming a thing of the past.  Although some couples will still purchase this option.  Here is a sample of one of the many designs.



I'm Brett Hatfield, and I make beautiful wedding films for the modern bride...who occasionally likes to kick back with a glass of wine and her favorite chocolates, possibly ice cream if nobody is counting their calories...

You need someone who is a master at lighting, someone who understands the importance of crisp audio for your vows and speeches.  Somebody that has a clear vision of how the day unfolds and someone who can create a realistic timeline.

That's where I come in.

Trained eye to make sure my brides look flawless on camera.  I've filmed 300+ weddings in my career and always look forward to the next one.  I'm constantly thinking about weddings and I'm inspired by world class photography and chick flicks.

Whether you're looking for a highlight film to show off all over social media, or a short film of the day, or just to have peace of mind on your wedding, I am certain you've come to the right place.