*unmatched sound & true cinematic quality.

Emotional grooms make fantastic video!

*Short Film (newest release)

Hotel Zamora, St Pete. FL

Short Film

Powel Crosley Estate, Sarasota FL

Short Film

Stonebridge Events at The Lange Farm, Dade City, FL

Feature Film

Private Estate. Lakeland FL

I give my couples the option to select from 3 different collections. Every wedding is unique and custom to each couple. If you aren’t too sure which option is best for your wedding, I will guide you along the way.

the wedding highlight 

This is a great option for brides looking for a 5-8 minute recap of their wedding..  This includes all day coverage and all the important aspects of the wedding day.  A perfect option for unique weddings with smaller bridal parties.

the short film 

8-12 minutes of your wedding day summed up in a beautiful hand crafted film.  This includes a little bit more of the wedding speeches and more words spoken during your ceremony.  A great option for weddings with personal vows, first looks and wedding speeches.

the feature film 

12+ minutes of the day summed up, loaded with eye candy and "sexy shots" -What I am known for, nobody creates a better fine polished film with dramatic lighting and "all the feels". Features are juiced with more speeches and more of your ceremony - everything you could imagine and then a tad bit more.


All weddings include unique discounts, please fill out the contact page for more info.

Pricing begins at $3000

We actually changed our date in order to have brett film our day. His work is just gorgeous.
— Jennifer

I'm just a dorky guy who loves his job way too much! You would most likely run into me at the gas station buying over priced ice cream, the local pizza restaurant supporting small business - although I am a sucker for papa johns, but the pepperoni must be under the cheese. I have been changing the way people enjoy their pizza for years!

I always strive to be the industry leader in my field, I offer workshops and mentoring sessions for the up and comers. I think audio and beautiful light are the most important aspects when creating a wedding film. I love working with my couples in order to really give them their vision. I have the most nationally published weddings when it comes to wedding films.

I offer a variety of products, if you’re wanting a 5 minute wedding highlight to show all over social media you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a powerhouse film with loads of emotions and “how did they get that shot” you’ve also come to the right place. I work alone, which your photographers will love; I would love to get to meet the two of you over some pizza and laughs (pepperoni under the cheese). If you two have a unique story I’d love to put your day together in a top tier cinematic film. Please fill out my contact form and let’s get started!