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*unmatched sound & true cinematic quality.

*The Short Film.

Stonebridge Events at The Lange Farm, Dade City, FL

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Powel Crosley Estate, wedding trailer - Sarasota, FL

The Monastery Event Center, trailer - Cincinnati, OH

Sundial Beach Resort, trailer- Sanibel Island, FL

I give my couples the option to pick their length.   If you're having a small elopement, or a 3 day celebration I am sure one of these below will make a great fit. The most popular package is the feature film, since this will showcase most of the day in full cinematic 4k quality.

the wedding highlight 

This is a great option for brides looking for a 5-8 minute recap of their wedding..  This includes all day coverage and all the important aspects of the wedding day.  A perfect option for unique weddings with smaller bridal parties.

the short film 

8-12 minutes of your wedding day summed up in a beautiful hand crafted film.  This includes a little bit more of the wedding speeches and more words spoken during your ceremony.  A great option for weddings with personal vows, first looks and wedding speeches.

the feature film 

12+ minutes of the day summed up, loaded with eye candy and "sexy shots" -What I am known for, nobody creates a better fine polished film with dramatic lighting and "all the feels". Features are juiced with more speeches and more of your ceremony - everything you could imagine and then a tad bit more.


All weddings include unique discounts, please fill out the contact page for more info.


Since all weddings are different, It’s hard to give a direct price. please Fill out my contact page and I will be more than happy to send you a quote.

“I cyber stalked every video for months and I knew I had to have him on our big day! BEST DECISION EVER
— Brittnee
This was the best investment without a doubt. I’d refer a million times.
— Amanda
I thought anyone willing to create a free timeline for any bride just shows the passion plus his work is flawless.”
— Tiffany

I'm Brett Hatfield, I'm a service based cinematographer and I make beautiful wedding films for modern brides.  I am severely addicted to Reese cups, Ben and jerry's ice cream, diet coke and pizza.

Now when it comes to weddings you need someone who is a master at lighting, someone who understands the importance of crisp audio for your vows and speeches.  Somebody that has a clear vision of how the day unfolds and someone who can create a realistic timeline.

That's where I come in.

Trained eye to make sure my brides look flawless on camera.  I've filmed 300+ weddings in my career and always look forward to the next one.  I'm constantly thinking about weddings and I'm inspired by world class photography and chick flicks. (I currently have a middle school type crush on Kristen Bell).

Whether you're looking for a highlight film to show off all over social media, or a short film of the day, or just to have peace of mind, I am certain you've come to the right place.