I've been honored to have my work featured all across the globe, each wedding I strive for a worldclass product.  Many more publications to come.

I offer exclusive discounts + more when couples fill out my contact form.

Monthly Discounts Below!

$1000 off when booking with Rising Lotus Photography. 

Cincinnati Brides also receive discounts with Brittany Bays Photgraphy & AJ Studio

Take Five Entertainment brides will also receive a discount

Rising Lotus Photography - check out the video below - getting to know Marilyn!

I will always fly back "home" for brides who book their wedding at The Monastery Event Center.  Kelly and Blaine were a dream couple.  She had filled out her timeline with the link at the top of this page and the day never ran behind! Such a blessing, loads of time for visual eye candy, tons of portraits.  This powerhouse vendor team she picked out was ideal, I could work with them every single wedding.  Enjoy this teaser from their wedding a few weeks ago.

Perfect Day DJ, Flawless Hair and Makeup, MKF Photo

Who doesn't love a destination wedding, way down south?  Check out Jamie & Tim - wedding trailer below.  Sundial Beach Resort located in Sanibel Florida, views were incredible!  Graingertainment provided me this great audio from the unique words spoken which adds a personalized touch.  You'll never see a cookie cutter video on this site :)

I was thrilled with Ashley contacted me to film her and Matt's wedding, I thrive with smaller bridal parties and private estate weddings.  There is so much material and content to work with which makes the editing process a lot easier.  They both had planned on writing letters and doing personal vows.  When my couples include these moments for their film I'm able to really make them a custom product, I've never been the type to throw together 40 random clips set to a song, there is no heart and soul in those products, just not my jam.  Enjoy this feature film, Hopefully you can get lost in the words spoken, the peaceful soundtracks and imagery of each shot.  Thanks a million to wedding planning Ever After Vintage Weddings for this referral.

I was thrilled to be a part of this private estate wedding located in Lakeland Florida, Ever After Vintage Weddings put on such a beautiful display of details and layout...I can honestly say I've never seen a setup quite like that.  I was able to work with The Ganeys Wedding Photography and there is nothing better than working with a true professional.  I know brides go through a lot when it comes to picking vendors and we worked together so flawlessly.  When video and photo work well, the bride and groom will have so much content and product.  I hope this wedding team gets to work together again soon.  Enjoy their wedding trailer, shot in 4k quality.


A Luxury Style wedding at Naples Bay Resort.  I love when photographers refer me, even thought I've never worked with them or met with them, this always makes me happy :)  Thanks so much Lana Ponomarenko Photography Enjoy this brief trailer teaser below, shot in 4k quality. 

“I’m so mad at you! I’ve been crying at my desk all day, I don’t even know these people but his letter was beautiful”
— Kelly

Wedding Collections

All Collections receive a complimentary wedding trailer.  This is a 1 minute preview of the entire day, perfect for all social media outlets.

All weddings are shot in 4k and color graded.  All weddings include crystal clear sound, drone shots of the location and a custom designed timeline to fit your needs.  I am a solo shooter, so you will not need to worry about 3-5 "assistants" clogging up your day.  I always make sure my brides look and feel flawless on camera, if you're looking for a featured wedding you've come to the right place.  I only book 20 weddings per year, and all of my collections are submitted for national publication.  If you're looking for peace of mind and ready to make your best investment, please fill out my contact form and lets get started on your timeline.

the wedding highlight 

This is a great option for brides looking for a 5-8 minute recap of their wedding..  This includes all day coverage and all the important aspects of the wedding day.  A perfect option for unique weddings with smaller bridal parties;

the short film 

8-12 minutes of your wedding day summed up in a beautiful hand crafted film.  This includes a little bit more of the wedding speeches and more words spoken during your ceremony.  A great option for weddings with personal vows, first looks and wedding speeches.

the feature film 

12+ minutes of the day summed up, loaded with eye candy and "sexy shots" -What I am known for, nobody creates a better fine polished film with dramatic lighting and "all the feels". Features are juiced with more speeches and more of your ceremony - everything you could imagine and then a tad bit more.


All weddings include unique discounts, please fill out the contact page for more info.

He also provided a ton of insight on lighting, setup, and things to include in my day to make my wedding and the video special and that’s what makes him stand out from other videographers.”
— Tessa
...I told Justin (before even engaged) that if we got married, Brett was filming our wedding. After Brookes video I was blown away.”
— Amanda
I thought anyone willing to create a free timeline for any bride just shows the passion plus his work is flawless.”
— Tiffany

All products can be bought months after your wedding date, or bundled together for savings.  Photo's coming soon.




The USB drive is set to match the couples colors and wedding theme.  All products are  made with a high quality finish and touch.  The USB will have the trailer, and either the highlight or film option.  There are tons of themes and designs to chose from, from rustic, luxe, crystal etc

more examples









The external hard drive includes all raw files that were recorded on the wedding day.  A great product for brides and grooms who want everything.






Packing consists of smooth luscious matte paper as our custom slide boxes but in a slimmer, dvd friendly style.  DVDs/Blurays are becoming a thing of the past.  Although some couples will still purchase this option.  Here is a sample of one of the many designs.



I'm Brett Hatfield, I'm a service based cinematographer and I make beautiful wedding films for modern brides.  I am severely addicted to Reese cups, Ben and jerry's ice cream and pizza.

Now when it comes to weddings you need someone who is a master at lighting, someone who understands the importance of crisp audio for your vows and speeches.  Somebody that has a clear vision of how the day unfolds and someone who can create a realistic timeline.

That's where I come in.

Trained eye to make sure my brides look flawless on camera.  I've filmed 300+ weddings in my career and always look forward to the next one.  I'm constantly thinking about weddings and I'm inspired by world class photography and chick flicks. (I currently have a middle school type crush on Kristen Bell).

Whether you're looking for a highlight film to show off all over social media, or a short film of the day, or just to have peace of mind, I am certain you've come to the right place.