Hatfield Productions specializes in creating Hollywood style wedding films. Most of my couples have a high value in wedding films and really appreciate the attention to detail and feelings my wedding films create. I love working with couples on realistic timelines and giving them a product that is truly mind blowing. I have 25 nationally published weddings, and am available worldwide. Please fill out my contact form and lets get started. I only take on 20 weddings per year.

There is nothing better than an emotional father of the bride. Wedding speeches add unlimited amount of customization for every couple. If I had one tip to give brides, it would be to make sure that your wedding toasts are not rushed. These moments are priceless.

Wedding Trailer at The Inn at Onenota

Photography by AJ Studio LLC

This is the opening to our newest wedding podcast. A real video podcast with tips, giveaways + real vendors and real couples. There isn’t a wedding video podcast that is entertaining or educational…so my vendor pals and I decided it was time. This was filmed in the Reading Bridal District. Enjoy the series opener!

Wiedemann Hill Mansion.

Newport KY.

AJ Studio + Blush Bridal + Dana Renae Designs.

Wedding Trailer (destination)

Brentwood California. Hannah Nicole Winery.

Chris & Kelsie Lavado. SRS

2014: The Arnold Expo. Columbus OH. I had seen Chris become an internet sensation with bodybuilding, playful trolling and overall being hilarious on camera and influencing millions of aspiring bodybuilders and fitness people. I saw their booth “legends of aesthetics” and had to say hello. Matt Ogus and Chris were both talking to fans…and I saw his girlfriend at the time. Kelsie. She honestly looked annoyed to be at a booth with thousands of fans and several dudes…so I decided to challenge her to a game of, paper, rock, scissors… or rock, paper, scissors…however you call it. She beat me in best of 3…I accused her of cheating and then I beat her in best of 5. HILARIOUS. I finally talked to Chris a bit and told him he was wearing fake muscles under his shirt…long story short I told them when they get married I will film their wedding, did I mention this was 2014? Needless to say Chris reached out early Jan, and it happened. I’ve always been a different type of marketing person, so for anyone reading this…paper, rock, scissors will seal the deal.

Wedding Trailer (Destination)

Nashville, TN. Noelle Art Deco

I had the privilege of filming a wedding in Nashville TN this past weekend and I was so excited to come home and piece this together. I arrived a day early and knocked out all my drone footage in advance. This is beneficial because I don’t have to worry about squeezing in drone footage on the wedding day. This took place at Noelle. I loved this unique space because of its historic 1930 Art Deco space. I love being in new wedding venues where I am challenged to find different spots and locations. I wanted to make sure slipping on the dress took place near the lobby on the ground floor vs the traditional bridal suite. I tell my couples even thought bridal suites are nice they usually aren’t the best spots for makeup touchups or putting on the wedding dress. Our lenses see things differently vs what our eyes see. So I like to push the envelope a bit in order to get a richer sophisticated look vs the white wall and sunlight. I feel that our brides look so much prettier and healthier in better lighting conditions. All of makeup, dress shots were hand selected for a reason.

Wedding Trailer

Brookesville FL

This was a great pickup, Erin and Will were my kind of people. They really valued true cinematography and gave up hope finding someone that could deliver a product they would cherish over the years. I remember when Will reached out via facebook messenger. I had their date open and they booked forever in advance. Erin is big into weight lifting and has a pretty huge following on Instagram. We shared some laughs over gym talk and supplements the entire day. I love when I have some things in common with engaged couples. It makes filming a breeze, kind of like old friends. Enjoy their incredible trailer that was finished up the next day. Did I mention how much I love to edit? :)

An engagement story

cincinnati OH

Richter and Phillips wanted some fresh content for their storefront and hired me on to write, direct and shoot the richter and phillips experience. I had a great team backing me with this project and a great powerhouse couple. AJ Studio Photography, and Dana Renae Designs. This of course led to the video underneath when it was viewed an updated styled shoot of one of Cincinnati’s premier wedding venues.

Wedding Venue: Laurel Court Mansion

Location: CIncinnati OH

I absolutley love it when wedding venues are looking for fresh content and I am part of the team to provide their vision.

In my opinion this team is the best in Cincinnati. Our vision is always 100% total domination.

Dana Renae Designs , AJ Studio - Photography by Angela and Jaime, Chrissy Lane Designs, Patricia's Weddings and Custom Cakes, Cincy Bridal,Flawless Hair & Makeup LLC Richter & Phillips Jewelers, Folchi's Tuxedos and Menswear, Bellissima Veils & Headpieces,

It’s an honor when my weddings are shared by the following national publications. Thanks to all the passionate wedding vendors that I have had the privilege to work with in order to create these stunning masterpieces.


Hello! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little bit!

I always strive to be the industry leader in my field, I offer workshops and mentoring sessions for the up and comers. I think audio and beautiful light are the most important aspects when creating a wedding film. I love working with my couples in order to really give them their vision. I have the most nationally published weddings when it comes to wedding films, and I always try to get my couples weddings national exposure if they’d wish.

I offer a variety of products, if you’re wanting a 5 minute wedding highlight to show all over social media you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a powerhouse film with loads of emotions and “how did he get that shot” you’ve also come to the right place. I work alone, which your photographers will love; I would love to get to meet the two of you over some pizza and talk about what’s important in your wedding film.

Please fill out my contact form and let’s get started!